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Freedom of expression in democratic societies - Private

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Abgeschickt von Private am 28 April, 2004 um 23:01:30:

There are two sides to every story.

I welcome dialogue such as is being presented here.

Just being exposed to one side of the story (monologue in GZ) is subject to spin and hyperbole to support their agenda.
I am thankful to the creator of this website for being non partisan and fair in allowing both sides to air their differences. I doubt that the Gottscheer Zeitung would be as fair and publish any opposing views by Mr. Tschinkel in their paper. But correct me if I am wrong. In free democratic societies open exchange of views and ideas are encouraged.

PS: Another Gottscheer related website ended any discussion by Mr. Tschinkel regarding his views which to me was
construed as cencorship. But I could be wrong about the cencorship, perhaps the webmaster had different motives for ending the discussion. But it did end.