Letter to US Commission - John Tschinkel

Letter to US Commission - John Tschinkel

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Abgeschickt von John Tschinkel am 24 Januar, 2006 um 17:25:38:

John Tschinkel, 5730 Turnberry Lane, Vero Beach, FL 32967.

24 January, 2006

U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad
888 17Th Street, NW, Suite 1160
Washington D.C. 20006
Attn. Hon. Warren L. Miller, Chairman

Subject: Your connection with the GHGA

Dear Mr. Miller,

In my letter of 10 July 2002 I referred to your November 2, 2000 update on: "What's new …" which, under the title "Commission to enter partnership with Gottscheer Heritage and Genealogy Association", or GHGA for short, informed that the Commission is working with members of this organization to preserve the Gottscheer cultural heritage.

I have, since then, learned that the Commission has severed all contacts with the GHGA. Perhaps your decision was prompted by the information I supplied to you then.

To repeat, I joined the GHGA as a member in 1998 to assist this organization in the objective of preserving our heritage. However, I resigned my membership on 12/31/00 when the GHGA decided to become a member of the AG, a Gottscheer umbrella organization resident in Klagenfurt, Austria.

I resigned because the AG (Gottscheer Arbeitsgemeinschaft), an umbrella for Gottscheer organizations in Austria, Germany, Slovenia and the US, is financially supported by Jörg Haider’s Freedom Party and has former SS officers as "Honored Members" and "Cultural Advisers". The officers of the GHGA were fully aware of this when they decided to join.

In my July 10, 2002 letter, I had only circumstantial proof about the history of the two top "Honored Members" and "Cultural Advisers". Since then, however, the following documented proof has become public which will further validate your decision to sever all contacts with the GHGA.

1. Wilhelm Lampeter. (b. 01/22/16 - d. 01/01/03). Discovered to be an SS major at Buchenwald concentration camp until 1/1/45. After that, active in Himmler’s HQ in Berlin. After WWII, Professor of Agriculture at a University in the DDR, a position that could be acquired only by members of the Communist Party.

2. Richard Lackner. (b. 24/08/14 - ). Recently self-admitted volunteer member of the notorious SS-Totenkopf (Deathhead) Division after February 1942. According to Wikipedia, the: “SS Division Totenkopf was one of the thirty-eight divisions fielded by the Waffen-SS during World War II. Totenkopf’s military record was tarnished by numerous war crimes and by the fact that most of the enlisted men had been SS-concentration camp guards”.

These facts should encourage the members to resign their membership in the GHGA. These unwitting members, interested only in their cultural heritage, were unaware of the past history of these members, a secret kept from them by their leadership. They were also not aware that at least one of the GHGA officers, a retired Colonel in the US Army, regularly attends political meetings in Austria, together with the “Honored Members” of the AG.

The above confirms that your decision to sever contact with the GHGA was appropriate. So was mine.

Very truly yours,

John Tschinkel

cc.: Elizabeth Nick, President GHGA
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